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image of the doctor Arkadi Razumovich

Arkadi Razumovich, DDS

Arkadi Razumovich

Arkadi Razumovich, DDS

Dr. Arkadi grew up in the Pacific Northwest and completed both college and dental school at the University of Washington. After dental school, he moved to Los Angeles where he attended an advanced dentistry program at the University of California Los Angeles where the focus was on cosmetic, full mouth reconstruction, and surgical implant cases. Dr. Arkadi embraces the latest technology such as 3D scans and 3D-milled zirconia prosthetics on implants. Dr. Arkadi also has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and in facial esthetic procedures such as Botox, dermal and lip fillers, and PDO threads, having reached mastership status with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.
image of the doctor Meryl Camille T. Cabanes

Meryl Camille T. Cabanes, DMD

Meryl Camille T. Cabanes

Meryl Camille T. Cabanes, DMD

Dedicated dental care provider with goals of helping patients achieve better quality of life by attaining/maintaining good oral health by providing customized high-quality treatments for every patients. She graduated from Centro Escolar University in the Philippines; and aspires for continuous growth and learning through completing two post graduate residencies in Advance Clinical Training in Restorative Dentistry with distinctions, and AEGD Residency at the University of California Los Angles. Possess extensive knowledge in delivering comprehensive treatments to complex cases covering different aspects of dentistry such as physical diagnosis, hospital dentistry, medical emergencies, elements of sedation, oral pathology/ medicine, esthetics, implantology, orofacial pain and dysfunctions.


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